DEF services Consumer Retail Financial accounts including Home Equity, Personal, Auto and Revolving Loans and Commercial Accounts Receivable and Asset Loans.

We have a range of pricing models dependent upon the specific characteristics of the account portfolio including type of account, balances, and age. We do not charge hourly legal fees unless separately negotiated at the request of the client.  We believe that this fee structure better aligns us with the interests of our clients.

We provide;

  • Multi-channel outreach and response capabilities
  • Regulatory compliance oversight, monitoring and reporting
  • Proprietary account scoring and prioritization
  • Secure client account data management
  • Payment portal and payment accounting
  • Account and Portfolio management reporting
  • Legal case prosecution
  • Asset identification, garnishment and lien execution

Our contracts further align us with your business objectives through the inclusion of rules for assignment file management, binding Service-Level Agreements, and fees, penalties and conditions for audits.

We have the ability and knowledge to handle accounts in all 50 states. While focused on the Southeastern U.S., DEF can provide national coverage due to the depth of its in-house counsel and does not forward accounts to other law firms. Additionally, our partnership with the Harmonie Group allows us to file in all jurisdictions throughout the United States. 


Current Volume of Placements
(by State)