Optimizing collections and recoveries requires strong processes, flexible and powerful technology and detailed analytic reporting. These tools are leveraged by our professional staff to appropriately target accounts and deliver results.

Our platform has been developed over the past ten years with the goal of meeting the requirements of the largest financial institutions in the country.


Our processes are designed by Six-Sigma and Lean trained professionals. Six-Sigma is a management methodology which uses data, measurements and statistics to eliminate defects by decreasing process variation.  Lean is a process improvement methodology that seeks to create value by eliminating waste in a process. We define our processes using a combination of these methods and thoroughly document all of our operating procedures.


Our technology platform utilizes a core software platform built on the latest scalable enterprise technology. The system combines a powerful collector interface with sophisticated management tools.  In addition to the capability to manage accounts as a group or individually based on established strategies, the system includes integrated compliance guidelines, real time-federal and state regulation enforcement, corrective action tracking, consumer complaint tracking, phone call auditing, audio and document tracking, and remote audit capabilities.  The system also provides direct data interface with 3rd party systems to ease data exchange.


We have invested in the development of extensive reporting resources to provide you with centralized real-time reporting of your active accounts. The Report portfolio includes portfolio performance, forecasting, and batch track reporting, among other customized reports based on the needs identified in onboard mapping session held with our clients.

Short-term (real-time/weekly):
  • Forecast report
  • Batch track report
  • Complaint Monitoring
Mid-term (monthly):
  • Call recording & retention log
  • Inventory reconciliation report
  • Judgment reconciliation report
  • Monitoring results for customer complaints (internally review scorecards)
  • Compliant associate roster and attestation, including date of FDCPA training & consumer complaint escalation training
  • Account status report
Long-term (quarterly / annually):
  • Pre-suit and suit report (account level audits)
  • Liquidation reports by account type
  • Return on investment analysis

This is just a sample of the reports that we can provide.  We customize the actual reports based on the metrics identified during the onboarding process.