Collections and Recovery activities carry a high degree of Regulatory oversight, both at the state and national levels. DEF believes that it is the firms duty to maintain the goodwill and reputation of its clients in all aspects of the Collections and Recovery Practice. We also believe in a maintaining the rights of consumers to be protected from harassment and deception.

We focus on compliance with all regulatory requirements and maintain this capability through the following:


We train and test regularly on all aspects of the collections and recovery cycle, including on regulatory exposures.  This includes our own training, on-line training and client specific training.


We have developed an extensive procedure guide that tracks all aspects of the collection and recovery process.


All calls are recorded (100%) and are automatically attached to the account for review at any point by us, or by the client at any time.  Additionally, all letters are regularly reviewed and tested for accuracy and compliance.


All aspects of our process are monitored and tested regulatory for compliance with our own procedures, our client’s procedures and regulatory compliance.


We submit ourselves to regular information security reviews and testing and allow (and invite) our clients to conduct their own information security reviews as well.


We hold a SOC-2 certification.


We offer our clients a wide variety of compliance reports (Bankruptcy, Deceased, SCRA, Complaints, to name a few) tailored to the client’s individual needs and specifications.

We leverage the IPACS (Integrated Performance Audit & Compliance Software) platform to support policy and standard operating policy management, online testing, complaint management and optimize compliance.