DEF’s Collection and Recovery Practice Business Model is designed to provide a centralized collection management function that eliminates the frequent hand-offs and limitations of the traditional business model. 

The traditional model employs in-house collection efforts for early phase collection efforts and then transfers accounts to multiple collections firms in a water-fall as the account ages through the collections cycle. Once Collections efforts are exhausted the decision is made to move an account to a Law Firm for legal action and Recovery. This method often results in the potential for miscommunication with clients as accounts are transferred and the use of unfair or deceptive collection practices as agencies seek to earn a fee before an account is transferred. Managing the accounts through the traditional waterfall is also expensive and time-consuming. 


The DEF model integrates Collections, Litigation and Recovery into a single end-to-end business process. This method reduces the overhead expenses and regulatory risk associated with the traditional model while enhancing the ability to communicate effectively with the debtor and develop a customized recovery solution. We have demonstrated significant savings for our clients while improving collection and recovery revenue.